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Indian Telecom Industry-Overview

Indian telecom market is currently the most attractive telecom market with a lot of interest being shown by foreign players. Indian mobile industry is the fastest growing across the world adding 15-20 million new subscribers every month. The Indian telecommunication sector in India is the third largest sector across the globe and the second largest among the emerging economies of Asia. India's teledensity has improved from under 4% in March 2001 to around 71% by the end of March 2011. Cellular telephony has emerged as the fastest growing segment in the Indian telecom industry. The mobile subscriber base (GSM and CDMA combined) has grown from under 2 m at the end of FY00 to touch 812 m at the end of March 2011 (average annual growth of nearly 73% during this eleven year period). Fig1: India’s Wireless Subscriber base Circles | Number | in millions | Metros | 4 | 114 | A circles | 5 | 288 | B circles | 8 | 335.5 | C circles | 6 | 115 | The country was divided into 23 circles when the mobile phones were introduced in the country. Separate licenses were given out for each of the circles in 1994. The circles were classified as Metros, A, B or C depending upon the revenue potential for the circle with Metros & A circles expected to have the highest potential.

Mobile Subscribers in the world (%):
The total mobile subscribers in the world is 5.6 billion , out of which India occupies a market share of 15 % , after Europe and China.

Mobile Penetration in the world (%):

The Indian Telecom market is the most...

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