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The term School Resource Centre (SRC) emerged in Malaysian education since 1st May 1983 when the Ministry of Education directed all schools to use this term instead of school library. The directive was issued to signify the variety of SRC’s collection which not only limited to printed materials but also other formats including audio visual collection. Doucette et. al (1999), defined SRC programmes as consisting of planned learning activities which support the school curriculum and contribute to the development of life-long learners. In addition, Loertscher (2000) suggested that an ideal SRC programme is built on the foundation of an information infrastructure that includes materials, equipment and facilities, and direct services to students and teachers. He further identified four areas of SRC programme that needed to be given attention namely collaboration, reading, enhancing learning through technology, and information literacy. The Government of Malaysia has put a lot of emphasis on the development of human capital in the Ninth Malaysia Plan. The Malaysian Ministry of Education, in turn, has taken further steps including the creation of smart schools, empowering the national schools and the setting up of school clusters. As such, schools are seen as the institution responsible for realising the nation’s aspiration of building a new generation with creative, innovative and critical thinking culture. The challenge of developing human capital lies mainly in the hands of educators and teachers who are directly involved in training and moulding the potential, talent and quality of a student. The issue arising is whether the teacher is fully capable of rising up to the challenges of today’s era of information explosion. Are the SRCs equipped enough with the appropriate programmes and services that should be geared towards creating a new generation with creative, innovative and critical thinking culture? SRC is regarded as an important institution in Malaysia and efforts have been continuously taken to improve their standards and level of service qualities. Various measures have been implemented by the Ministry of Education to increase literacy rate in Malaysia and the role of SRC in facilitating literacy is considered vital. Numerous studies conducted from all over the world evidenced that effective SRC programmes have positive impact towards academic achievement. However, not much is understood on the relationship between SRC programmes and students’ academic achievement in Malaysia. While information literacy skills is considered important in the current scenario where the world is overflowing with easily available digital information, there is still very little literature focusing on the implementation of SRC programmes and their impact on students’ academic achievement.


Among my experience using school resources centre during school time is that I can find things such information as easily as you'd search for scientific materials, reference materials. In addition, there are various facilities at SRC as a learning facility using projector. It allows teachers to educate students, teachers, using sophisticated equipment over time nowadays. In addition, SRC also can provide benefits to students or teachers. Among the advantages gained is that students can spend their time by going to the SRC. Students also can avoid doing negative things that could damage their morals. Furthermore , the teachers at the school can also do a meeting at SRC. It also allows teachers to make discussions with other teachers. Next, my experience using the SRC is that when my class have time for study at the SRC. SRC also provides a facility to study at there. Moreover, students who want to use the SRC must write your name in the log book SRC before entering into because it facilitates the maintenance of SRC. In addition, the SRC also provides a shelf bookcase regularly as there are bookshelves for books of fiction and non-fiction, reference books according to the level and others. There is also a bookshelf for books that cannot be borrowed, the book can only be read at SRC only. SRC is also organizing various activities to attract students to visit the SRC. Among the activities were held SRC is NILAM program. My experience is that when in school I had to read books as much as possible to win in the competition . NILAM program aims assigned to educate the students to practice reading. NILAM program winner by the number of books students have read the winner NILAM program in the form of gold, bronze, and silver. In addition, SRC also provides an easy way for students to borrow books. Students who wish to borrow books need to go to the counter and write the date of borrowing in the log book. Students who return books late will be fined according to the date they were late. In addition, SRC also entered into a lucky draw for students or teachers. SRC lucky draw for the student or the teacher who most often come to the SRC will win the lucky draw. It is also one of the objectives SRC to attract users. Next, I use my experience in school is SRC have conducted a 'cinema' in the SRC. A variety of interesting stories that have been shown to students. It can also increase the number of users present in SRC. SRC also provides comfortable facilities like air-conditioning use in the SRC and comfortable furniture equipment for consumers. In conclusion, the SRC provides many facilities to the students in such schools find reference materials, a place for their revision, where to spend their time. SRC not only a place to read a book but many activities can be done , SRC provides many facilities to the students or teachers.


1. REFERENCE SERVICES Referral services provided include reference inquiries, investigations, and seeking information from library resources of the organization or from external databases and users also be referred to a specialist or other libraries if the question cannot be met from the reference library information resources organization.

These services include answering reference questions received at the Customer Service Counter in person, by phone, fax, mail and e-mail.

This service provides the information that has been packaged by the resources obtained from the Database CD-ROM and the Internet. Topics are selected package and load the latest issues.
A topic that is packaged by many users request such as school projects and current affairs. Information from various sources about a topic already packaged for ease of reference.

Electronic Media Collections Reference services provided are in various fields such as education, environment, information technology, sports and more in a variety of formats such as audio tapes, video tapes, audio discs, digital video discs and kits are issued in the country and abroad.
ASTRO service that provides consumers with a subscription, ie CNN, National Geographic, Discovery, ESPN and RIA.

This service is provided for reference Malay manuscript in its original and copies of microfilm. However, the original manuscript can only be referred to a special application.

Newspapers are late will be processed by making the newspaper and made a reference books are provided for the purpose of teaching and learning and also for research collection is for reference only.
Service is a service Serials established as a centre of excellence for serials particular reference Malaysiana to meet the information needs of consumers.
Resources collection consists of printed materials, non-printed, electronic and online. Among the collection publications such as magazines, newspapers, annual reports, yearbooks, handbooks, journals, indexes, abstracts and so on.

Part Information Specialists play an important role as a reference centre and referring to library users. A reference inquiry service research and general reference questions received via e-mail office are also available to meet the information needs of users.

Libraries should provide users with a circulation according to the rules of the services wider application through on-line via the Web OPAC. Othes that , circulation services provided are as follows: -
→ BORROWED BOOKS SERVICE Only registered members only granted the loan facility SRC users must show membership card when making a loan books . Borrowed code can be done over the circulation counter .SRC users can make loans on their own using self-service lending machine.

→ RETURN Materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date that has penalty will be charged to users who return books late. Users can create self-repatriation loans vending machines.

→ ORDER OF THE SUBSTANCE Can be made at the Circulation Services desk to fill out a form that prepared . Limited to material inside only . Users can also use the online application.

→ REFORM Can be made at the Circulation Services desk or on-line in terms of the material is not reserved by other users.

→ BOX RETURN OF BOOKS (BOOK RETURN) Safe return of the material provided to enable the user to return the materials placed outside the lobby .
Library use Integrated Library Management Utility (SCIENCE) as the automation system This system allows users to access information materials available in the SRC easily, quickly and timely . users can find via terminals typical easily. Database development through its Integrated Library will Cataloging connect to a master database that collects and connects all library cataloging in Malaysia.

☺ INTERNET Internet is a service for finding information online to help in teaching and learning as well as for research purposes . This service is for registered users as well as researchers. Students can access the internet with the PC in the library with fee.

SCHOOL RESOURCES CENTRE (SRC) ACTIVITIES : Among the activities that have in the School Resources Centre is :
→ MINI LIBRARY COMPETITIONS . Mini Library Competition between classes involve all classes in school . Each class is recommended to create and operate the Mini Library as soon as possible in this PSS month. The library must have a indication SRC and has its own collection of books obtained from students or teachers and not of school PSS .

→ COMPETITIONS NILAM ANGLE IN THE CLASS. Competition NILAM angle between class involves all teachers and all students must display achievements in NILAM activities. NILAM angle should be established and a manual NILAM angle. Certificates will be given to all students in the win class.

→ SCRAPBOOK COMPETITION THEME “INDEPENDENCE”. Competition Scrapbook theme "INDEPENDENCE", each covering not more than 3 people and delivered in the form of a handwritten or computer generated no less than 15 pages. Images, tables, illustrations appropriate highly recommended. Certificates will be awarded to five winners.

→ BACATHON PROGRAM. Bacathon program asking students to read as many books and recorded it into our Bacathon provided. After reading and students are required to complete the relevant form enter into the box provided. Certificates will be awarded to the highest and 5 the reader meets the requirements of the form.

→ FAIR THEMED Fair themed this exhibition organized by the Textbook Loan Scheme Class (SPBT) / Library will showcase as many reading materials for public viewing exhibition in the school Foyer Cafeteria.

FRIENDLY – USER PROGRAM The friendly-user program is produced by research entitled ‘Improved Quality of Service ‘SRC for information collection center. Using surveys , interviews , and observation in the study , the research found that as the media teachers existing that SRC is not ‘flavors’ to the users in the library. Factors that influence the number of subscribers to the SRC are firstly is physical facilities like limited desk and chair the factors SRC is less users come to the library. Then , small space at the SRC is factor that user uncomfortable to using the SRC . Other than that , reading materials are not up to date and uninteresting that SRC is not interesting student to come. After that , limited rack are always locked is difficult to users to find a information. The SRC must use a friendly-user program to make a student interesting to come to the SRC like buy a lot chair and desk at the SRC . Then , always help the students when it need a help.


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