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IMG College is the nation’s leading marketing and multimedia provider. IMG partners with some of the top institutions and conferences in the country. With over 35 years in the business, IMG College offers a variety of different services including the production and distribution of radio and television programs, broadcast talent, coaches’ shows and endorsements, managing internet sites, specialized media, printing and publishing, game day events and hospitality, corporate partner programs, and brand management. Those services can be broken down into five categories: Internet, publishing, licensing, training, and academies.
IMG College has been named to Training magazine’s 2011 list of the nation’s top 125 companies with the best employee training and development programs. Training magazine is a 43 -year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. The magazine explores management, which enhance bottom-line impact and development programs. The training top-125 ranking is based on myriad benchmarking statistics such as total training budget; percentage of payroll; number of training hours per employee program; goals, evaluation, measurement, and workplace surveys; hours of training per employee annually; and detailed formal programs. The ranking is determined by assessing a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including financial investment in employee development, the scope development programs, and how closely such development efforts are linked to business goals and objectives. ("Training 2011 top 125," 2011)
The comprehensive, year-round employee and team development program, which was initiated by ISP Sports in 2001, was among the numerous reasons IMG Worldwide acquired ISP Sports and merged the company into its IMG College division in the fall of 2010. The training program enabled the…...

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