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In the early 1900 my mother and father, two brothers, sister and me came to the Untied States from Germany. We Are the Story family. This is going be our story. When I was 14 years old me and my family left Germany, so we can get a better life and a better future for use. My family was famers and we lost our land that we lived on. We didn’t have any money because we lost our land. We started to get sick. There was no way that we could feed my family and couldn’t get stabiles so we thought we get a better opportunity somewhere else. In Germany it got much [worse and out condition was horrible. The first thing we did was take a boat across the Atlantic Ocean, It took us forever, and it wasn’t any luxurious ride. WE were not happy and there was something bugging our little noses. We had beds in the bottom of the boat. There was bunk everywhere! There were no many people. I didn’t like it because I was feeling like a potato sack. WE didn’t have much room to even get comfortable. There was a storm that rocked the boat and forth, that made me feel sick. The storm bough so much rain that it was actually pouring down like it would ever stop. I did hear a person that did say that the captain thought we might sink. I was getting very scared. Finally the storm stop and we final start our journey. We past the statue of Liberty and that how I knew we were was very close to Ellis Island which we going stop. They put gangplank down; I heard a mad start to scream put your luggage here. He said that one men need to go one direction and women and their children go another. This made me so sad because our families were separated; we hope that we could see our father again. There was a New York inspector board the boat and we had to get medical exam. A man made me take all our cloths off this made me very uncomfortable. They did ask me so many different question like where

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