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Immigrants a Vulnerable Population

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Immigrants a Vulnerable Population
BSHS – 302
September 20, 2011

Today, immigration policy and immigration is mostly debated at the extremes, between those who want no immigrants and those who want no borders, implying that immigration is an all-or-nothing proposition. It is clear that some type of policy and reform needs to be established. This writer will discuss and identify the causes of the problems or issues for this population. Focus will be placed on these topics: the history of the population, the nature of the social problems or issues experienced demographics and common clinical issues and intervention strategies, as well as a discussion of future interventions. Since, I live in a rural agricultural area that has been flooded with immigrants for the past decades; I have become very familiar with the Haitian and Hispanic populations. Finally, these groups are from different origins, recognized by various names, and all have taken broad paths to arrive in the United States.
Immigration is the center of United States history. The earliest colonization of immigrants was established in the United States in the late 1500’s throughout the 1700’s. Additionally, with the exception of the Native Americans or Indians, evidence proves that America’s citizens are the product of immigration, whether they came as volunteers or they were forced (US Census Bureau, 2000). For example, the transatlantic slave trade created a lasting image of black men and women that were only transported commodities, and was considered the most defining element in the construction of the African Diaspora, and it was centuries of additional movements that have given shape to the nation we know today(Culture). This is the movement where Africans were purchased and sold as slaves when they arrived in the United States. This process occurred until prohibition laws…...

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