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Immigration Controversy

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Controversy of Immigration

Growing up as an American citizen, one never truly realizes how much freedom and opportunity they posses in comparison to other significantly under privileged countries. Many other countries around the world are not progressively advancing as quickly as the United States is. Our country has a growing population of immigrants, both legal and illegal. There is much controversy on whether or not immigrants should be allowed to live in the United States. My personal opinion is that immigrants play a crucial role in our country’s very existence and are necessary for the development of our society. Immigrants have not only had an impact on us in present times, but they have affected our past substantially and will indefinitely affect our future. Immigrants founded the country of the United States of America. Europeans came to the states and began setting up colonies, political systems, and other customs and traditions. Given they were not the first inhabitants of the new world, they were the ones who ultimately influenced how we live now. If you put things in perspective, life, as we know it today would be entirely different. America is the melting pot for a wide variety of races, cultures, religion, beliefs, etc. The fact that the United States contains so much diversity has allowed the country as a whole to progress so much faster than other countries. Most of the money that is made in the United States is due to immigrants and the cultures they brought along with them. A huge business influenced by immigrants is the food industry, without immigrants we would not have the selection of the delicious delicacies enjoyed by other cultures. Technology is also another important luxury that we are fortunate enough to have, if we did not consult with immigrants from other countries our technological advancements that we consistently take for...

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