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Immigration Interview

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Immigration Interview
Date: Feb, 3 2015.
Interviewer: Ankit Patel (India)
Interviewee: Hasan (Saudi Arabia)

Ankit: What was something that interested you the first time you come to the U.S.?
Hasan observe that the life style of United State is very interesting and easy going than Saudi Arabia.
Ankit: What are your differences between your home country and America?
Hasan point out many differences between Saudi Arabia and United States like different rules, Weather conditions and life style.
Ankit: How many languages are spoken in your country?
Hasan inform that in Arabic is only language spoken in Saudi Arabia.
Ankit: What are your values, beliefs, principles, etc.?
Hasan explain that people of Saudi Arabia follow principle of give the respect to time and they believe parents are guide their children better than other people.
Ankit: Do you think becoming an American citizen is the best way to assimilate to American society?
Hasan suggest that becoming American citizen is not only way to assimilate to American society, he believe one’s should preserve their own culture. Its take time to combine with American culture and society.
Ankit: Do you notice any improvements in yourself since living in the U.S?
Hasan notice that after been United State he learn to manage time in life.
Ankit: How do you picture yourself in five years?
Hasan reply he looking himself working as good position with big firm after 5 years.
Ankit: If you have children do you prefer them to be educated here or in your country?
Hasan reply he would prefer that their children got education in United State, As United State known for quality of education.
Ankit: What is main cuisine in your country?
Hasan inform that main cuisine of Saudi Arabia are fatir, arikah and hawayij.

Ankit: Who sponsored you to come to America and why?
Hasan answer that his government sponsor for study, the main object is to prepare and qualify Saudi human resource in an effective manner so that they will able to complete on an international level in the labor market and different area of scientific researcher.

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