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Immigration to Texas

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Immigration in Texas

Immigration policy in the United States, namely in Texas, is a great source of controversy amongst lawmakers and the public. An immigrant is a “person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another” (ProQuest). America currently has about 11.5 million illegal immigrants living within its borders (Passel). With this large of a population, immigrants do have an impact on the population and the laws for how to deal with them must be updated. There is a large number of the illegal immigrants working for cash, sharing houses, avoiding taxes, and still sending their children to public schools, and driving on the roads that citizen’s tax money pays for. Currently the law on illegal immigrants is mostly black and white stating that it is a crime to be in the country illegally. However, if the government updates the system to help naturalize them lawfully, states and the immigrants both have a potential to benefit.
There are many factors contributing to the immigration of illegal immigrants into Texas. The majority of these immigrants are from Central America through the border shared with Mexico. There are push and pull factors causing them to move here. “The report from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops identifies poverty, paucity of educational opportunities, the urge to join family already in the U.S., and the fear of growing crime as powerful factors propelling immigrants northward” (Millman). In a report from the United Nations, “homicide rates increased in five out of eight countries in Central America over the previous five years” (Millman). These factors make America more appealing than the countries being fled from, but this is not an excuse to break the law. A plan needs to be put into action to help these people seek refuge. The amount of...

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