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Ladies and gentlemen and honoured attendees, I welcome you to this European Union Youth
Conference. I am Melad Safi from London School of Economics and Political Science.
The topic of this speech of mine is, “is immigration good for Britain?” I will address four main areas, where immigration is believed to have an impact. Those areas are as follows economic, social, cultural and political.
However before we continue, I will give you a short introduction to immigration in Britain.
Since the European Union decided to include several East European countries, the level of immigration has soared in Britain. 150.000 Rumanians are believed to live in London alone, and the net immigration to Britain between 1991-2012 was more than three million.1
The massive level of immigrants has left a negative opinion about immigrants.
According to surveys, 60% believed that immigrants did more harm than good, and 77% believed that a dramatic reduction in immigration would benefit the economy.2
The government of the UK has been criticised for not doing their job well enough. The public opinion is that immigration is a burden to public service and the country but that they may still be important for some parts of the national economy. Immigrants are believed important in order to take jobs that native British people do not want.
According to new researches, the public opinion is mostly wrong. OECD presented a report back in 2011 stating that immigration was neither beneficial nor harming for national economies. The Offices for National Statistics presented another report, concluding that immigrants in the
UK gets better education than their British counterparts.3
But how come that the public opinion is so, when facts are stating something different?
What do the British people see, that studies are unable to catch?
What has caused this immigration phobia?
Ladies and…...

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