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Imminent Merger

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Imminent Merger Personally, I don’t think there is something wrong with buying stock. I will use utilitarianism approach to justify buying stocks. When I was new to the business I always used to think that there are a lot of unethical dealings which are going on in our society, but later I realized that those aren’t unethical instead it’s a matter of personal choice in deciding what’s right and what’s wrong. In our case, the merger of the companies will inevitably happen and investing in stock will not harm both companies. According to Utilitarianism, we should choose the option that “maximizes utility,” i.e. that action or policy that produces the largest amount of good. Using the Utilitarianism approach, the good will outweigh the bad consequences when not considering the legal issue. The consequences of investing in the stocks will produce a good outcome in being able to cover the expenses of my daughter’s medical treatment and will help to keep my family members from being burdened with financial debt. Furthermore, buying stocks will not harm either company. I would be more concerned with increasing the happiness of my family while not costing anyone. Looking at the consequences of not purchasing the stock, has the adverse effect of the utilitarian approach. We never know what can be the outcomes of the merger. It can lead to lowering down the pay or even laying off hundreds of employee including your own position. Overall, if we compare above pros and cons, purchasing the stock will be the best interest because it has a possibility of producing the best consequences by the maximizing happiness of my family while the cost of buying stock to the company is minimum.

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