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Imperialism – Stronger Nations Extend Their Economic Political Or Military Control Over Weaker Territories
Global Competition
European Expansion In Africa
3 Factors Fueling American Imperialism
Desire For Military strength
Thirst For New Markets
Belief In Cultural Superiority
Combined Philosophy Of Social Darwinism & Belief In Anglo-Saxon Superiority(White Man’s Burden)
US had responsibility of spreading Christianity and “civilization” to worlds “inferior people”
U.S Acquire Alaska
1876 Bought Alaska $7.2 Million
Originally called “Seward’s Folly”
US takes Hawaii
1850’s- US owned sugar plantations account for about 75% of island’s wealth
1875-1890- Hawaiian sugar production increased by 9 fold
1890- McKinley Tariff eliminates “duty-free” status of Hawaiian sugar
1898 Congress annexes Hawaii
The Spanish American War
War fever escalates
Actions fueled by “Yellow Journalism”- untrue headlines about the war in Cuba between newspaper owners William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer
Fuels nationalism & aggressive foreign policy known as jingoism
The De Lome Letter
1897- President McKinley tries to solve problems diplomatically, worked at first
1898- New York Journal publishes a letter written by Spanish ministers to the US (Enrique De Lome). The letter called the president weak
The insult angered Americans
The USS Maine Explodes
Feb. 1898- USS Maine explodes in behavior Havana, 260 men killed
Newspaper reports Maine was blown up by a Spanish mine/ US public outraged
April 1898- US declares war on Spain
The War in the Caribbean
US seals up Spanish fleet in Santiago harbor with a naval block
Rough Riders- led by TR; volunteers
Treaty of Paris- ended Spanish American War
Dec. 10, 1898
Spain freed Cuba
Turned over the islands of Guam and Puerto Rico to US
Sold Philippines to US for $20 million
Debate over the Treaty of Paris
US right to annex Philippines
Some felt that Treaty went against Dec. of Independence by denying self- Gov. to the island
Teller Amendment: US not annex Cuba
Platt amendment: Cuba not enter any foreign agreements, must allow naval bases, and give US right to intervene when necessary
America as a World Power
The Panama Canal
The US wanted a shorter route between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
US agreed to pay Panama $10 million plus $250,000 rent per year for land
Roosevelt Corollary
Wanted US to be dominate power in Western Hemisphere
Monroe Doctrine- European powers should stay out of western hem.
“Speak softly and carry a big stick”
Dollar Diplomacy
President Taft
Replace bullets with dollars
Maintain orderly societies abroad through increased American investment in foreign economics
The Mexican Revolution
President Wilson reused to recognize Hueta calling it a “government of butchers” Moral Diplomacy
Intervention in Mexico
Venustiano Carranza overthrows Huerta Regime
US troops withdrawn and Wilson recognizes Carranza government
Rebellion in Mexico
Pancho Villa opposed Carranza
Accomplishment of American Imperialism
Expanded US foreign markets to ensure economic growth
Built a modern navy
Exercised international police power to ensure dominance in Latin America

Page 607 * 1.) Why did some people believe that racism was at work in imperialism? * Americans seemed to desire to bring their values to other people * Kept alive the belief that Anglo-Saxons were better than others
Other races inferior and had to be “Americanized * * 2.) What were three economic arguments raised by the imperialists?
Expansion involved too many costs…..Maintaining the armed forces required more taxation, debt, and possibly even compulsory, military service Laborers from other countries would compete for jobs with U.S. workers Cheap goods from overseas possessions could hurt American industries * * * *

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