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Impact of a Borderless Society

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Components of two meals:
Mixed green salad
Pico de gallo
spicy guacamole
Chicken enchilada soup (homemade), ingredients include chicken, diced tomatoes, black beans, onions, green pepper, various spices, cheese
Club crackers The brand of coffee that I use does not state on each label which country their beans come from. Instead, they list on their web site the countries where they grow or acquire their coffee beans. These countries include South and Central America, Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean, and in the USA, Hawaii (, n.d.). The salad greens we use are packaged by Dole. The package does not state that these greens came from outside the United States, so they are produce from some place within the United States. The pico de gallo we use is a premade selection that is prepare in the United States. The spicy guacamole brand that we use is made in Mexico and shipped into the United States. The dressing we use is prepared in the United States, but it does have some ingredients that could be from outside the United States. However, the labeling on the package does not state the origin of all the ingredients. The chicken in our soup is local chicken. There are numerous chicken houses in our area that raise both layers and roasters, so most of the chicken we purchase is locally raised. The tomatoes, onions, and green pepper were purchased at a local farmer's market during the season for these vegetables and we prepared and stored these vegetables. The black beans were canned and were purchased from a local grocery store. The spices we used were purchased are store brand from a grocery store. Upon examining the labels the only information listed is the distributor. I suspect that some of the spices originated overseas, but that information is not available on the label. The majority...

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