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Impact of Change at Starbucks

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Impact of Change at Starbucks
Mark Louden
Cardinal Stritch
Managing Change
MGT 545
Scott Braught
August 12, 2013

Impact of Change at Starbucks
Executive Summary
There is something about Starbucks that goes beyond caffeine. Starbucks has used their multi-cultural diversity to turn challenges into opportunities for success. Corporations such as Starbucks use Performance Management Systems (PMS) to monitor progress towards achieving a set of specific objectives and goals. Organizations commonly identify evaluating performance as the most demanding. Leaders are apprehensive discussing and providing feedback on behaviors because the process uses too much time supervising employee’s job tasks. The best way to keep these challenges from weakening a performance management operation is to meet the issues directly. This paper will identify, analyze and assess the impact of organizational change at Starbucks to enhance the customer experience as well as offer some recommendations for continued success.

Starbucks has experienced phenomenal growth since 1992 and has become one of the greatest retail stories in recent history. The company currently occupies all fifty states and forty three countries with over 16,000 stores (Starbucks, 2013). Starbucks just celebrated its 42nd year in existence on March, 8, 2013. Eric Conger is the entrepreneur behind Starbucks who created a model coffee shop with a passion for superior coffee. The company’s goals grew from an ordinary business plan of offering high-grade coffee beans roasted to excellence. Starbucks is a success story not only with innovative marketing strategies and product yet their employee-ownership programs are second to none. Howard Schultz has been the CEO since 2008. Performance management is the most important aspect of management’s treatment of employees and business partners in…...

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