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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research Volume 1, Issue 2, March 2012

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Impact of Customers Satisfaction And Customers Retention on Customer Loyalty
Inamullah khan
Abstract-The purpose of this study is to examine the importance of future customer’s relationship using customer satisfaction, and customer retention on customer loyalty in telecom industry of Pakistan. Questionnaires were distributed through electronic mail and self administered for data collection and linear regression analysis was used. The results show that customer satisfaction has significant while customer retention has insignificant impact on customer loyalty. The implications of the study are that a company should better manage their relationships with the customers as a competitive policy in mobile telephone marketplace. The weak side of the study is that it is limited to a single industry of mobile telecom industry. Key words: Customer satisfaction, Customer retention, Customer loyalty Jel code: M30


1. Introduction
Customer loyalty is the focus in the research and It turn into an important concern for management only due to concentrated competition especially in service industry (Bodet, 2008). In emerging business, competition customer loyalty plays very crucial role for achieving the competitive advantages (Lin & Wang, 2006). It is significant important to analyze it in the context of customer retention and customer satisfaction, these two variables are of immense important to analyze the customer loyalty. Firms can maximize level of profitability by providing safe and sound products and services to their loyal customers (Rauyruen & Miller, 2007). In beginning, the study of loyalty used to capitalize on power (Kumar & Shah, 2004). There are several studies conducted on customer loyalty some of them are mention below, Including...

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