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Impact of Hr and Business Strategy Alignment on Job Performance and Employee Satisfaction

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A company’s success is determined to a large extent by the nature of its employees as well as the level of devotion that employees demonstrate. Due to this, the top managers and executives are given the responsibility for maintaining control on employee’s activities as well as the employee’s management policies through the development of the Human Resource Management Department. This shows that how important role HR plays in maintain the employees satisfied within any organization. This research study is focused on studying the impact of HR and business strategy alignment on job performance and employee satisfaction. This research used deductive approach as this study find out the impact of aligning HR with business strategy and effect of job environment on employee satisfaction. The survey questionnaire method is used to get reliable and valid results based on close ended questions having a 5-Likert scale to measure the attitude of employees and employers towards the impact of aligning HR with business strategy and effect of job environment on employee satisfaction at Siemens. The research used SPSS for analysing quantitative information by using descriptive analysis and inferential analysis. Research shows that Siemens align HR practices and business strategy. From regression analysis, it is found that alignment of Human Resource practices with the business strategies of Siemens has significant impact on job environment and insignificant impact on employee satisfaction. Moreover, it is found that there is a significant impact of alignment of Human Resource practices with the business strategies on job environment and Siemens job environment is satisfactory as analysis showed the employees are satisfied with job timings, location, workload, training...

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