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Impact of Iom Report

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Patients, in all locations, be worthy of care that is focused on their unique needs and not what is

most appropriate for the health professionals involved in their care. This will require

transforming the healthcare system. This transformation requires reconsidering of many roles,

including nurses. This transformation in nursing particularly focuses on three aspects;

practice, education and leadership. By changing this, nurses are more focused on primary as

opposed to specialty care. The healthcare system is advancing every day and this requires nurses

to advance in their education too. Particular focus should be given to how to improve quality in

healthcare, organization level management and nurses should be educated with the physicians

and other healthcare professionals. Strong leadership is critical in transforming healthcare

system as well and this should begin from bedside and to boardroom. By transforming these, we

will be able to provide high quality, more reasonable and safer care to our patients.

Impact of the IOM report on practice

Nursing is one of the most adaptable profession in the healthcare industry and because of this

versatility new career pathways have opened for nurses. Nurses have been an enabling force for

change in health care along many dimensions (Aiken et al., 2009).Nursing has become

increasingly integral part of the healthcare services, so in the future without having large number

of nurses healthcare industry is impossible to function. The transformation particularly focuses

on primary care, and today nurse practitioners along with the physicians and physicians

assistants provide most of the care in this area....

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