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Impact of Nigeria's Bilateral Investment Agreements in Oil and Gas on the Right to Health and the Right to a Healthy Environment: a Case Study of the Niger Delta”

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Impact of Nigeria's Bilateral Investment Agreements in Oil and Gas on the Right to Health and the Right to a Healthy Environment: A Case Study of the

Niger Delta”

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I hereby declare that research thesis is my original work and has never been used presented for any degree or diploma in any university or institution. Where material is obtained from published or unpublished works, this has been fully acknowledged by citation in the main text and inclusion in the list of references.

Table of Contents Declaration 2

Table of Contents 3


1.1 Background of the study 11

1.2 Statement of the Problem 27

1.2 Research Aims 29

1.3 Research Objectives 30

1.4 Research Questions 31

1.5 Justification of the Research 32

1.6 Research Methodology 42

1.6.2 Research design 45

1.6.2 Target population 45

1.6.3 Sampling 46

1.6.4 Data collection 46

1.6.5 Data presentation 46

1.7 Definition of terms 46

1.8.2 Environment 47

1.8.3 The right to health and the right to a healthy environment 47

1.8.4 Human Right Laws 48

1.8.5 Trade liberalisation and bilateral agreement 49

1.8.7 International Trade Law 53

1.9 Theoretical Framework and Literature Review 56

1.9.1 Introduction 56

1.9.2 Research Structure 56

1.9.3 Chapter one: Introduction 56

1.9.4 Chapter two: Theoretical framework and literature review 56


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