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Impact of Product Life Cycle on the Strategic Orientation of an Enterprise

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Mohammad N. Shahidi, KIMEP, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The impact of product life cycle (PLC) on strategic orientation (SO) in dynamic environment, which is a subject that has interested strategic management scholars, is the focus of this proposal.
The literature reviewed shows that despite the worldwide research on strategic management, there is still not a single definition for such a term. As a result, a wide range of conceptual frameworks exists for the formulation and implementation of strategies. There is no consensus on the factors among the scholars that affect strategic orientation of a enterprise. The consideration is mostly towards market/costumer satisfaction, technology, competition, with the enterprise’s capabilities affecting the most. Some of the scholars emphasize management issues and strategic thinking. Others such as Porter, focus on typology and resource bases. However, few scholars focus on the impact of product life cycle on strategic orientation. The attempt in this paper is to show that not only does the PLC orient strategy of an enterprise faster and straight forward than any other factors, but it also takes all other factors into account. The main question is “how product life cycle affects the strategic orientation of a enterprise”. This study began by defining strategic orientation, product life cycle, and their analysis. The study is focused on how the product life cycle has been influenced by innovation capabilities and how it sequentially affects strategic orientation.
Every enterprise has different types of innovation capabilities at every stage of product life cycle, and reacts to the competition and environmental changes differently. Also, each stage of product life cycle, affects the enterprise’s innovation capabilities differently. On...

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