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Impact of Smartphones on Students

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Impact of smartphones on students’ work habits

The modern day student is now equipped with smartphones and it is a rare site to see a student who doesn’t have a smartphone or a computer. As the age limit for owning these things are also being brought down as we now see small kids and primary students having these devices when they were once only bought after a certain age. The age limit for having these devices are going down and therefore the chances are that the modern day high school student has probably grown up being surrounded by smartphones and technology that he/she is proficient in its use by the time they are all grown up. These smartphones, being a major part of the modern teen society, plays major roles in their lives. Teenagers and students use them for entertainment, playing games, watching movies, and texting and calling our friends. As you can see smartphones play a major role in a teenager’s life and the typical teenager is usually inseparable from their mobile companion. Therefore it is only natural to include this device into a school students education, as they can learn of a device that they are so used to living with as well as the potential for learning material to be presented on a much more interesting basis due to the interactive capabilities of a smartphone. The question is, although using smartphones in the education department sounds appealing and intuitive, will it actually aid with education or provide the students with further distractions that’s break their focus on their studies? Providing smartphones to students as a learning tool allows the students to learn in a comfortable manner, as most students universally know how to use the full features of their smartphones in ease. Students can get answers easier using their smartphones saving time for the teachers so they don’t have to focus on each and every...

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