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Impact of Technological Gadgets to the Academic Performance of College Students in University of Nueva Caceres

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Technological gadgets are today’s latest trend in society’s technology, especially in school. In our University, the University of Nueva Caceres, almost all of the students have at least one of these gadgets which can be used to educate, to entertain and to get information. There are so many benefits of incorporating technological gadgets in school, such as bringing new perspective and knowledge to the lessons. It may also help us through the struggles of graduating and pursuing our careers. Technology makes our lives easier. Today’s student have tremendous opportunities to learn and to connect by using it but with each advantage comes a potential cost when we understand those costs and can minimize them, we can keep the use of technological gadgets to remain positive. University of Nueva Caceres is found on the vicinity of Naga City’s market place where there are so many ways to entertain ourselves. It is also a private school so most of the students may have a lot of money given to them by their parents as an allowance. Some students may keep it, some may buy new things and some waste it, badly. Students who waste money badly are those students who tend to cut class just to make it out to their bad habits. That includes cutting classes to go through malls to entertain and going to Internet cafés just to play computer games, betting games and or virtual games. There is always another side to everything. Overuse or using inappropriately these gadgets may result to have serious and long-term consequence. This study is conducted to guide us and help us know the different technological gadget’s effect to the student’s academic performance. May it be good or bad effect. This will also educate the student to the proper use and limitations of using technological gadgets in school. It also gives us a better view of what may happen if we overuse or use…...

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