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Impact of the Internet on the Music Industry

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The Impact of the Internet on the Music Industry: Downloadable Music VS. Records
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* Introduction 3 * Music Label Industry Analysis 5 * EMI Group Unlimited Business Description 7 * Record Label Business Model 8 * Record Label History 10 * Record Label SWOT Analysis 11 * Downloadable Music Business Description 14 * Downloadable Music Business Model 14 * Downloadable Music History 15 * Competing Online Services 15 * Financial Analysis 16 * The Future of The Music Industry 19 * Conclusion 21 * References 21

The Impact of the Internet on the Music Industry: The Record Label VS. Downloadable Music It was only a short time ago that record stores like Specs and FYE were littered across the country, stocked from wall to wall with all the latest albums from your favorite bands and all sorts of music paraphernalia. People like me would have stacks of compact discs or binders full of the music they owned ready to go wherever they went. Before them there were cassette tapes, and before that vinyl records. If you were lucky enough to be a signed musician, you were a star destined for fame and fortune with thousands if not millions of loyal supporters buying your album and following you on tour. Most importantly for the purpose of this paper, the record labels were some of the wealthiest companies in the entertainment industry.
The music industry is a multibillion dollar industry and was thought by many to be too big to fail. Record labels had their pick of the crème de la crème with regards to up and coming artists and when they weren’t cutting shady deals with new acts they were reaping in the profits with album sales and royalties for radio play of their music catalog. The music industry is...

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