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Impact of Use of Social Media on Achievement of Student's Grade

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Using Community School Prayer to Create a Calm and Positive Feeling in High School Students
Magazine article By Jasmine, Joanne; Kim, Young-Joon
Momentum , Vol. 42, No. 1
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School prayer is important if it doesn't become routine and it contains personal elements
Practicing prayer is important to continue religious traditions (Mountain, 2004). School prayer can help students begin a day within a calm and positive environment while using this sense of religion and spirituality as protective factors in situations of stress. Understanding the meaning and function of prayer in school and with school curricula also can help build resilience in children (Mountain, 2004). The purpose of this research project was to determine whether school community prayer at the beginning of each day did help students stay calm and positive.
Participants and Design Study
This study was conducted in a girls Catholic high school in the Northeast. Participants came from upper-middle-class suburban communities. The school serves 332 female students from grades 9-12 with 37 teachers. The class studied contained 19 12th-grade students. A teacher who participated in the interview also was female. The students and teachers at this high school prayed a common prayer together before the start of each day.
The researchers implemented and analyzed three data collection methods: a four-point Likert scale survey, an open-ended questionnaire and a structured interview. The first method of data collection was a four-point Likert questionnaire, which focused on student reactions about the effects of the opening school prayer, The second method was an open-ended questionnaire that focused on teacher and student reactions about opening the day with this prayer. These questions were similar to the Likert scale but allowed respondents to elaborate....

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