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Impact of It on Society

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"Many of the impacts of Information Technology are straightforward. But they are not necessarily obvious, nor are they trivial"
(Jack Nilles, Centre for Future Research)
Information technology (IT) is dramatically changing the business landscape. Although organization cultures and business strategies shape the use of IT in organizations, more often the influence is stronger the other way round. IT significantly affects strategic options and creates opportunities and issues that managers need to address in many aspects of their business. This page outlines some of the key impacts of technology and the implications for management on: * Business strategy - collapsing time and distance, enabling electronic commerce * Organization Culture - encouraging the free flow of information * Organization Structures - making networking and virtual corporations a reality * Management Processes - providing support for complex decision making processes * Work - dramatically changing the nature of professional, and now managerial work * The workplace - allowing work from home and on the move, as in telework
There is also the outline of an executive presentation, that has been used to increase awareness of these issues.

The Impacts

Business Strategy
IT creates new opportunities for innovation in products and services. Services which used to be delivered in person can now be delivered over networks. Among the key levers are: * resequencing: including parallel processing of data-bases * simultaneity: making information instantly available in several systems (e.g via OLE) * time extension: offering 24 hour a day; 365 days a year service * portability: taking service and products closer to the user * reusability: using information captured for one purpose (e.g. transactions), and using for others (e.g....

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