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Impact of Technology on Our Daily Life

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Impact of Technology on our Daily Life

We are living in an age of science. It is 2014 and we cannot think of a single day of our daily life without using any facilities of technology. Every day we wake up hearing the sound of alarm, an invention of technology. Think of communicating someone without getting out of home, mobile or telephone, an invention of modern technology. Think of reaching a place without losing energy, public transport, an invention of modern technology. In each and every phases of our life, we are using the facilities of modern technology and it is almost impossible for us to pass a day without it.
This is the era of globalization and what we need most to survive in this is communication. As an era globalization, we have our network worldwide and we have to keep in touch with them always. Whenever we need to communicate, we have to able to reach within seconds when it is emergency. To do so, we have different social sites, e-mail and so on. We can reach our desired one within seconds of time and all we need is internet connection. Do not have internet connection? Then we have mobile phone, we can call whenever, wherever we want. All these are invention of technology, made our life easier than ever. We can always keep in touch with our friends and family using Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. We can talk to them using Skype, Hangouts (previously known as Google Talk), Viber and so on.
Process of recruiting employees for an organization, once it was a really lengthy process. But now-a-days it has become easier for some websites. Some of those are,, and so on. These websites made the publication of vacancy so easier that organizations have no need to pay much and people can find them sitting at their home. It has been years since these websites are being used for recruiting which made this lengthy process a bit less lengthy. Besides, there is another website which is known as which is used for professional communication and does something closer to those sites described above. But here we can create our professional profile which helps recruiters to find the eligible one without even checking the whole profile, they can just search for the qualifications they need to match with.
Now, a new trend has come which is selling product through online. It has been years since this trend has started and within a short period of time, it has become so popular that a lot of companies started selling their products online and advertising in the social sites to communicate with their customers. As this trend came, so a lot of websites have developed to make it a bit easier, more effective and useful. Some of those sites are,,, (international), (international) and so on. Using these sites we can both buy new products and sell our used one at a lower price. So, we can say, these sites made the communication between buyer and seller more easier. Moreover, as this trend come, companies started advertising on social sites and using social sites to keep in touch with their customers which is, in my opinion, an effective use of technology.
In the end, we can say that technology has made our life easier and made us so dependent on it that we cannot get too far without it. In each and every phase of our life we are dependent on technology. In order to be in touch with people, friends and family, we need the help of different inventions of modern technology. So, we can say it has a major impact on our daily life. But we all know ‘a coin has two sides’, so depending more on technology have bad impact as well. But we have that knowledge of good and bad, so hopefully we will be able to use it to certain level that is good and be able to live avoiding the bad impact of technology in our life.

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