Impacts of Broken Home on Academic Performance

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This survey research conducted to find out the effect of broken homes on primary school pupils academic achievement in Jere Local Government Area. Two objectives and three research questions where formulated to guide the study. The population of the study consist of all the senior pupils in four selected school in Jere Local Area. Through the process of simple random sampling a total number of 100 pupils where selected to participate in the study. The major instrument used for collecting data was a questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed through the used of simple percentages. It as discovered based on the analysis that most of the respondents are not staying –with their parent. They performed below expectation due to lack of security, care and discipline. Their school fees are not been paid in time. On this basis of such findings, recommendation were made that, Borno Government should create academic and counsel unit in Primary School with adequate found where students from broken homes should be given proper guidance and counseling concerning their psychological and social problem towards.
broken homes occurs as a result of separation of marriage either by death or divorce. Broken home, contributed a lot to anti social behaviour in society.
ISAKE (1963), stated that, most of them were very unsuccessful because of separation of house, he said broken house can be at a result divorce or separation by death of the couple.
The problem of broken homes are universal phenomenal which affect both developed as well as the under develop country. Yet the causes and effect still persist with varying degree in the various part of the world.
In an ideal atmosphere, children should happily be with there parents children appreciated the love of their parents towards them, one of the tasks that should be fulfilled, by…...