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Impacts of English Language in Chinese, Economy, Culture and Education

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English language was introduced in South China in the eighteenth century. It took root in the mid nineteenth century when a school teaching English was started. The first missionary schools lasted for 10 years (1835-1851). After the 1860 war the schools were reopened and they spread to other parts of china. Between 1872 and 1925 over 7,000 missionary schools were operational with over 260,000 students. Learning English was a means to learning modernized military methods and an opening for china to work with foreign countries and create alliances. Strained relations with USSR when Russian language was to replace English gave the Western culture a better impact opportunity (Hughes, 2006). The support of English has undergone many difficulties but since the 1980’s China has encouraged working relations and study opportunities in English as it has helped them economically, politically and in its cultural dynamics. English has received much support in recent years as it has made Chinas world market expand astronomically. On other hand, China is obliged to use English language for the purposes of international trade and interaction. This is because English has remained to be the world largest spoken language (Wu, 2012).
China has enjoyed successful relations with on a global scale for its conformation to the English language. Since 1980’s, Mainland China has been doing business with different international countries but especially those with an English support system. Although it was never colonized by the US or Britain it has had polite economic relations which in the recent past has helped the China market boom astronomically. It is believed that with China's entrance into WTO, more people are looking for chances to learn English to make them more competent in world market. Furthermore, the acceptance for China to host the Olympics in 2008...

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