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Impacts of Gaining a College Degree

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The main purpose of this research report is to interpret the importance of gaining knowledge and earning a college degree. The core objective of this report was to focus on to the impacts of gaining a college degree and how it affects on our lives in a personal level and professional level. The key argument of this report is that without a college degree, most of the individuals are deprived of basic achievements that any educated person should acquire.

Table of contents

Abstract I

Table of Contents II

Introduction 1
Employment Benefits of a College Degree 2
2.1 Opens more career opportunities 2 2.2 Provides Job Security3
Personal Benefits of a college degree4
3.1 Helps make the right decisions4 3.2 Better Social Life5
4. Conclusion 5
5. Reference

1. Introduction

Undoubtedly, knowledge is an important aspect in achieving success for any individual. Education is one of those many ways in gaining knowledge which can eventually lead the person more forward in the path of success. Gaining a college degree (or equivalent) is getting more attention by people regardless of their race, gender or age. This report would include impacts of earning a college degree on the personal and professional life of an individual.

Earning a college degree creates pathways to implement inner confidence and self-esteem to enhance collective rights as an individual and in the development of the society. The most compelling evidence is, “The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values” (Inge, 1997).

2. Occupational Benefits of a College Degree

In the new era of development, policy makers and stakeholders need individuals who are highly-educated with technical and professional skills in a knowledge

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