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Impacts of Globalisation on Policy Making

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oduction B. − − − Are governments prepared to operate effectively in an international policy environment? How can the impacts of globalisation on democratic processes be managed to protect core values such as accountability, responsiveness, and transparency? What future do governments envisage for "global governance"? From Autonomy to Influence -- preparing for a global policy role THE IMPACTS OF GLOBALISATION ON POLICY-MAKING 1. Globalisation has changed the context in which governments operate. Even traditionally domestic issues are increasingly influenced by international actors and international events that are beyond national governments' ability to control, either individually or collectively. This has evoked a good deal of hand-wringing and fears that national policy autonomy -- or even national sovereignty -- is being undermined. These fears, while important, may be short-sighted. While globalisation poses many challenges for national governments, it also holds many opportunities. International co-operation offers new opportunities to improve overall policy effectiveness and to address common policy dilemmas. But are national governments adequately equipped to manage the problems and reap the benefits of globalisation? 2. The following discussion examines the impacts of globalisation on policy making1. It raises questions related to three main themes: 3. may international interest groups, the global newsmedia, multinational enterprises and the vagaries of globalised financial markets all influence the demands on governments and the policy options available to them. Participation in international organisations or the adoption of international agreements -- in effect, a voluntary pooling of sovereignty -- can further reduce policy-makers room to…...

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