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Impacts of Social Networking in the Academic Performance of Business Students

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The effect of environment on student academic performance at secondary school level?
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This study examines the influence of school environment on the student academic performance in secondary schools in Lagos State. Factors such as school facilities, class size, school location and school plant planning were examined to know their effects on the academic achievement of secondary school students. Questionnaire was contracted to test the hypotheses developed. Simple percentage statistical tool was employed to analyse the variables. Based on the findings, it was discovered that poor school facilities, large class size, inappropriate school location, and poor school plant planning negatively affects students’ academic performance. Recommendations were made to address the issues of school learning facilities, classroom population, school location and proper school plant planning.


1.1 Background to the Study The school environment, which include the classrooms, libraries, technical workshops, laboratories, teachers’ quality, school management, teaching methods, peers, etc are variables that affect students’ academic achievement (Ajayi, 2001 and Oluchukwu, 2000). Hence, the school environment remains an important area that should be studied and well managed to enhance students’ academic performance. The issue of poor academic performance of students in Nigeria has been of much concern to the government, parents, teachers and even student themselves. The quality of education not only depends on the teachers as reflected in the performance of their duties, but also in the effective coordination of the school environment (Ajao 2001)

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