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Impacts of Mobile Communication Use

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Thesis Statement:
While technology has made wonderful advancements in everyday life, cell phones are changing the way we interact with each other because of the use of texting, social media updating, and the nonexistence of personal interactions.
1. Description of the Technology
a. Mobile and cellular communication is the use of cellular phones, tablets, and computers while being in a place other than home or work.
b. Originally designed for making mobile telephone calls and was later reinvented for other forms of communications.
c. Specifically used for social media updating, texting, and video chats.
2. History of the Technology
a. 1946, the first car phone was used. The AT&T website exclaimed, “A driver in St. Louis, Mo., pulled out a handset from under his car's dashboard, placed a phone call and made history. It was the first mobile telephone call.”
b. 1983, AT&T was able to divide wireless communication into a sequence of cells which made them capable of automatically switching callers as the moved allowing each cell to be reused. This advancement led to the development of cellular phones.
c. 1989, the Motorola MicroTAC 9800X was the first truly portable phone. Before now the majority of cellular phones were car phones because of their size and inability to fit into a jacket pocket.
d. 1992, Motorola developed the first hand-size digital mobile phone.
e. 1996, the first “smart” phone was released.
f. 2002, the first picture phone was brought to the market.
g. 2007, the first ever iPhone was released in June making an immediate favorite among its users.
3. Social Impacts of the Technology - Sociology
a. Mobile communication has taken the place of actual face time interaction
b. Through the generations cell phones were developed as a means of communication while being away from home in the event of emergencies. Even when cell phones...

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