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Impacts of an Aging Population

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The impacts of an aging population on a country

An aging population is where the population of a country is of a high elderly dependence. There are three main ways to split the ways they are sorted and these are Social, the ways in which the elderly population affect the people around them, political, the ways in which the elderly population affect the politics of a country, and finally, economic, the ways in which the elderly population affect the wealth of the country.
Social impacts can be negative or advantageous, an advantage would be the fact that in a study on volunteering 35% of people aged 75 or over regularly give up their free time to help others. This is beneficial as it helps many people, this also links to the fact that they look after grandchildren and other elderly relatives such as husbands/wives or sisters and brothers. However, a disadvantage would be that they are also dependent on their family for support; this can put pressure on the families. A recent study showed that 600,000 disabled older people in England receive care from adult children; this number is expected to rise by 90% to 1.3 million in 2041. Elderly populations tend to group up, for example in Eastbourne where the majority of the population is elderly. This means services provided there will be less suitable for younger adults, which causes them to move away, further increasing the ratio of young-old people.
Political impacts are mostly positive however, for example, crime rates are expected to decrease, as the elderly are far more law-abiding than the young are. This means that the need for a strong police force is lessened and the need for prisons is. In addition, elderly people are far less likely to give "knee-jerk" reactions to political actions; this is called the grey-vote.
The economic impacts are the most extreme though, both negative and positive. The health...

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