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Nowadays, travel and tourism has grown into a global economic and indirect impact on the world economy. Tourism has became extremely important economically for some countries and cities ( Dr Wall, personal communication ). For many countries tourism is the most important source of welfare. The main benefits of tourism are jobs creations and income creations. According to the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, in 2012 international tourist arrivals worldwide reached 1.035 billion ( Boham and Mak, 2014). As a result, the growing of tourism services may lead many countries into not only industry growth but also impacts as growing culture.
There are many reasons why people travel. For example, many people travelling for business, travelling for family and friends and other personal reasons such as marriage and health. Overall work seems to be the most common reason for which people travel. The positive impacts of tourism on country’s economy are the growth and development of various industries directly connected with healthy tourism industry, such as transportation, lodging, entertainment and retail trade. This brings about the creation of new jobs, investments and payments of goods and services. On the other hands, tourism does not always benefits positively because sometimes tourism can be affected by events such as terrorism, economic recession, and natural disasters. In addition, social and cultural affects of tourism can also be both positive and negative. Tourism creates a better cultural understanding to encounters with people who are respectful and interesting. However, visitor behaviors and have a negative effects of life of the host community. For example, crowding and congestion, drugs and alcohol problems increase crime level can occur. Tourism can bring many economic and social benefits but mass tourism is also associated with negative effects....

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