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Imperialism: It's the Amerian Way


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Imperialism: It’s the American Way!

The imperialism of the 19th century led to the overall conquering of many smaller nations throughout the world. The results of imperialism are what made America so profitable today. Although it is seldom looked at as having good outcomes as well as bad, 19th century imperialism did contribute both of these qualities. Today’s nation is in my opinion is still imperialistic simply because that is what the world is now accustomed to and capitalism is always welcomed in any facet. Although it is much less than the centuries prior, our country today is still influencing smaller lands as it did so many years ago. When referring to the imperialism of the 19th century, many things come to mind. Mainly the European expansion in Africa and the displays of ruthlessness the natives were subjected to.

When the slave trade in Africa began to decline, Europeans felt there was still an opportunity for them to exploit its lands. The discovery of palm oil was only one of the exports that would soon show the Europeans that Africa was exactly where they needed to be. Although the general objective when considering overall expansion to Africa was to profit off of the lands, Europeans did justify their conquests by stating they were also interested in “civilizing” the otherwise barbarian culture. However they failed to mention to the natives that they would be treated like slaves and viciously killed if they did not comply with their orders. I’m sure that was to be implied. For example, in the passage 25-4 from the Africans point of view, the Europeans appeared genuine when requesting the natives’ submission. This was obviously a rouse in order to have them turn over their weapons and render them defenseless so their real plan could go into action.

When European imperialism expanded to South Africa, it opened up a new way to generate revenue

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