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Implement the Right Digi Marketing Mix!

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The traditional digital marketing mix – Product-Place-Price-Promotion-People is equally applicable to online marketing. There practically is no difference; in fact the digital platform is simply another channel to implement the principles of marketing, probably in a more effective way.

It is extremely important for a brand to be able to identify the right target audience. In depth analysis is the key to understand where the potential lies. It is extremely important to create a positive buzz about a brand on the online space after all who can deny the age old adage that the “power of a brand lies in the minds of consumers.” And 90% of modern customers look and shop for products and services online!

Consumer behavior has changed drastically over the past few decades. Men and women are connected 24 cross seven. Smartphones and handheld devices have changed lifestyles, shopping patterns and naturally the very way entrepreneurs conduct business online.

The art of identifying your target market and reaching out to them with the right message has never been more challenging and exciting! What with almost everyone including housewives and children on social media forums! Marketers have a wider audience and can do so much to influence the tech-savvy buyer. It is important to create the right marketing mix depending on the product/service, demand and target audience.

Components of Digital Marketing Mix

Email marketing

This method though clichéd is a commonly used way of attracting attention of a certain set of target customers. Marketers still use the method to inform existing customers about new services and products. Entrepreneurs have their own way of adding to their existing database. Almost all businesses today have a formal online presence in the form of corporate websites. Visitors to these sites are encouraged to express interest by filling up Contact...

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