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BBQfun seeks to be the leading outdoor lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing
need for furnishing new and renovated dwelling in the greater Brisbane area. Also
they will reinvent the way people shop for outdoor-lifestyle products.

To reach this leading position BBQfun has the following objectives:

Establish brand recognition in Brisbane
Increase sales up to $ 20 million per year
Increase customer loyalty list up to 16,000

BBQfun sets the following strategies to achieve the goals:

Provide customers with the most extensive assortment of quality outdoorlifestyle products available in the market.
BBQfun exists to attract and maintain outdoor lifestyle customers wishing
to purchase products that give our customers pride in their homes.
Create consumer awareness regarding the services offered, develop that
customer base, and work towards building customer loyalty and referrals.

BBQfun will undertake different actions:

BBQfun will do direct mail and local advertisement with coupon inserts in
the BrisNews magazine.
BBQfun will try to get articles about BBQfun into the BrisNews magazine.
Easy to manage long term repayment plans which make unique,
important and high quality lifestyle affordable to all.

Briefing to Advertising personnel:

The message that BBQfun seeks to communicate is that BBQfun offers the widest,
most exotic, easy access outdoor-lifestyle products in Brisbane.
This message…...

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