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Implementing Change Paper

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Team C Learning Assignment Composed By:
Billy MacNair, Crystal Revis, Heather Ibarra, Danyl Chahal, and Nakia Matthews
HCS/451 Healthcare Quality Management and Outcome Analysis
Week 4 Organizational Performance Management Paper
Classroom Facilitator: Lauri Rose

Introduction: The assignment included in this team collaboration defines, analyses, and explores the similarities and differences between the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the American Medical Association (AMA), as well as determines proposals for improving management and accreditation requirements with effective compliancy. This study also provides a table in the appendix documenting resources and validating organizational schematics.
The Similarities and Differences among the Organizations: One of the first and most obvious similarities between these organizations is that they were created with the intention of helping people. Creating somewhat of a guideline for others to follow in how things should be handled amongst the various areas each organization reaches. The American Medical Association was founded with the intention furthering education in health care through physicians and specialists and establishing the criteria needed for holding an MD. They also established the first set of medical ethics at their first meeting.
The Americans with Disabilities Act was created because there was a need for those who suffered from disabilities of varying severities to have the opportunity to lead independent lives. This was being impeded by employers, landlords, and more who were refusing to hire or rent to those with disabilities. The ADA made it law that you cannot refuse to hire someone based on their disability and you must make accommodations in your restaurant, store, etc. to ensure that those with disabilities can freely utilize it the same...

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