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Implication of Social Networking

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The Problem and Its Background

Every one is going crazy over Facebook and Twitter these days. You may have created an account on one of these websites many months back. Every body is familiar in these social networking websites.
The researcher does intend to show and explore how young people use them to communicate, share and show off their identities.
The researcher will also explore the risks that have been associated with excessive use of these websites, and also explore the responsibility that lies on the providers of these websites. Facebook is a social networking site for ages 13 and over. You can add friends you know by typing in their name at the top of the screen and if they accept then you can talk to them by clicking on the chat button if they're online.. You can send people private messages or can let everyone know by posting it on their profile. You can dowload photos and play fun games. You can stay in touch with people that you haven't seen in years!
While Facebook has been a cause for many terminated employments and rejected job applications due to unsavory content, LinkedIn is a streamlined site targeted specifically to professional networking.
Forget party photos or emotional status updates, your LinkedIn profile is you on your best behavior – it’s the place to go to, to create a great first impression.
Your contacts here are those you interact with as your professional self. They may not be present at your family reunions and get-togethers, but these are the faces you conduct deals and have serious meetings with. Employers can use LinkedIn to...

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