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Water Control: Flooding Issues in Houston, Texas
The purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss the flooding problems in Houston, Texas. As a part of this analysis, this paper will assess the economical, political, and legal implications of Houston’s flooding. It will also explain the relationship that psychology has to environmental preservation, and will create a solution to the issue at hand. In the process of proposing a conceivable solution, this paper will discuss the economic, political, and legal barriers of the solution, how they can be overcome, and why this solution will be successful.
Flooding Issues in Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas is home to over two million individuals, and is the fourth largest city within the United States of America. It is located in the Southeastern part of the state of Texas, and sits roughly 50 feet above sea level. Houston is known for its famous nickname of the Bayou City, as it is home to over 2,500 miles of manmade rivers. These manmade rivers (bayous) are the city of Houston’s way of containing and channeling rain water to the ocean. This alternative drainage system was a much needed installation because of the city’s position, as compared to the sea level (Bayou Preservation, 2012).
Currently, Houston suffers from severe flooding issues (i.e. flash floods, urban floods, river and bayou floods), and depending upon the area of town, the probability of high and slow moving floodwaters increase. As the city’s population continues to rise, the roughly 650 square miles that encompass the city continues to become more crowded (urbanization). As such, the urban flooding issues continue to worsen, and the city of Houston continuously discusses how to combat, and eventually prevent the constant reoccurrences ("Floods and flash floods," 2012).
Economic, Political, and Legal Implications of Houston's Flooding

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