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import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; class Calculator extends JFrame implements ActionListener
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; TextField txt=new TextField(15); JButton btn1 = new JButton("1"); JButton btn2 = new JButton("2"); JButton btn3 = new JButton("3"); JButton btn4 = new JButton("4"); JButton btn_arti = new JButton("+"); JButton btn5 = new JButton("5"); JButton btn6 = new JButton("6"); JButton btn7 = new JButton("7"); JButton btn8 = new JButton("8"); JButton btn_eksi = new JButton("-"); JButton btn9 = new JButton("9"); JButton btn0 = new JButton("0"); JButton btn_clr = new JButton("CLR"); JButton btn_carpi = new JButton("*"); JButton btn_bolu = new JButton("/"); JButton btn_esit = new JButton("="); String str_number = ""; int operation = 0; double int_number1 = 0; double int_number2 = 0; double result = 0; public Calculator() { JFrame frame = new JFrame("CALCULATOR"); frame.setSize(320,320); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.setResizable(false); frame.setVisible(true); frame.setLayout(new BorderLayout()); JPanel HeadPanel = new JPanel(); JPanel NumberPanel = new JPanel(); JPanel LabelPanel = new JPanel(); LabelPanel.setBackground(Color.WHITE); HeadPanel.setBackground(Color.BLACK); NumberPanel.setLayout(new GridLayout(3,3)); LabelPanel.setLayout(new FlowLayout()); NumberPanel.add(btn1); btn1.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn2); btn2.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn3); btn3.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn4); btn4.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_arti); btn_arti.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn5); btn5.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn6); btn6.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_eksi); btn_eksi.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn7); btn7.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn8); btn8.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_eksi); btn_eksi.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn9); btn9.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn0); btn0.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_clr); btn_clr.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_carpi); btn_carpi.addActionListener(this); NumberPanel.add(btn_bolu); btn_bolu.addActionListener(this); LabelPanel.add(new JLabel("NUMBER : ")); LabelPanel.add(txt); LabelPanel.add(btn_esit); btn_esit.addActionListener(this); txt.setEditable(true); frame.add(HeadPanel,BorderLayout.NORTH); frame.add(NumberPanel,BorderLayout.CENTER); frame.add(LabelPanel,BorderLayout.SOUTH); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
if(e.getSource()==btn1) { txt.setText("1"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn2) { txt.setText("2"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn3) { txt.setText("3"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn4) { txt.setText("4"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn5) { txt.setText("5"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn6) { txt.setText("6"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn7) { txt.setText("7"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn8) { txt.setText("8"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn9) { txt.setText("9"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn0) { txt.setText("0"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); } else if(e.getSource()==btn_arti) { if(operation==0 & str_number!="") { int_number1=Integer.parseInt(str_number); txt.setText("+"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); operation=1;//TOPLAMA } else { txt.setText(str_number); }
else if(e.getSource()==btn_eksi) { if(operation==0 & str_number!="") { int_number1=Integer.parseInt(str_number); txt.setText("-"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); operation=2; //ÇIKARTMA } else { txt.setText(str_number); } } else if(e.getSource()==btn_carpi) { if(operation==0 & str_number!="") { int_number1=Integer.parseInt(str_number); txt.setText("*"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); operation=3; //ÇARPMA } else { txt.setText(str_number); } } else if(e.getSource()==btn_bolu) { if(operation==0 & str_number!="") { int_number1=Integer.parseInt(str_number); txt.setText("/"); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); operation=4; //BÖLME } else { txt.setText(str_number); } } else if(e.getSource()==btn_esit) { if(operation!=0 & str_number!="") { txt.setText("="); str_number+=txt.getText(); txt.setText(str_number); switch(operation) { case 1: { String[] kelime = null; kelime = str_number.split("\\+"); int_number2=Integer.parseInt(kelime[1].replace("=","")); result=int_number1+int_number2; txt.setText(str_number+Double.toString(result)); break; } case 2: { String[] kelime = null; kelime = str_number.split("\\-"); int_number2=Integer.parseInt(kelime[1].replace("=","")); result=int_number1-int_number2; txt.setText(str_number+Double.toString(result)); break; } case 3: { String[] kelime = null; kelime = str_number.split("\\*"); int_number2=Integer.parseInt(kelime[1].replace("=","")); result=int_number1*int_number2; txt.setText(str_number+Double.toString(result)); break; } case 4: { String[] kelime = null; kelime = str_number.split("\\/"); int_number2=Integer.parseInt(kelime[1].replace("=","")); result=int_number1/int_number2; txt.setText(str_number+Double.toString(result)); break; } } btn0.setEnabled(false); btn1.setEnabled(false); btn2.setEnabled(false); btn3.setEnabled(false); btn4.setEnabled(false); btn5.setEnabled(false); btn6.setEnabled(false); btn7.setEnabled(false); btn8.setEnabled(false); btn9.setEnabled(false); btn_arti.setEnabled(false); btn_eksi.setEnabled(false); btn_carpi.setEnabled(false); btn_bolu.setEnabled(false); btn_esit.setEnabled(false); } else { txt.setText("ERROR!!!"); } } else if(e.getSource()==btn_clr) { txt.setText(""); str_number = ""; operation = 0; int_number1 = 0; int_number2 = 0; result = 0; btn0.setEnabled(true); btn1.setEnabled(true); btn2.setEnabled(true); btn3.setEnabled(true); btn4.setEnabled(true); btn5.setEnabled(true); btn6.setEnabled(true); btn7.setEnabled(true); btn8.setEnabled(true); btn9.setEnabled(true); btn_arti.setEnabled(true); btn_eksi.setEnabled(true); btn_carpi.setEnabled(true); btn_bolu.setEnabled(true); btn_esit.setEnabled(true); } //else if(e.getSource()==btn_del) { // } } public static void main(String args[]){ new Calculator(); }

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