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Importance Of College Education

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Some teenagers and adults believe that to actually make a difference in this world and to truly be great they must become a famous actor, a fancy lawyer or a flashy doctor. Sure, people in these professions are given opportunities to shape their world, but that does not mean that people with other careers are not able to affect change in the world as well. I have realized that true greatness does not come from flashy cars or fancy clothes but rather it is found in selfless service to others. For me, I don’t want a college education to I want to run the world or be able to buy everything I want in life, but I believe a college education will help me serve those who are around me better. By learning about the world, we live in I will better be …show more content…
Leaders are found in all walks of life, not just in politics or big businesses. Preparing myself to be a better leader to those around me seems to me, to be another outlet to serve others. I believe this includes constantly learning how to be a better leader. Leadership includes many facets such as effective communication, appropriate motivation and visionary innovation. I am working to improve in each of these areas of leadership, but a college education will only help me sharpen these skills and help me to develop new ones. One of the many leaders I look up to in my life is my mom. My mom is prime example of selfless service. Before I was born my mom taught high school science for several years and was even teaching at the community college level but she quit work and sacrificed her career because she wanted to give me the best chance in life. My mom has homeschooled my brother and me since Day 1 and has taught us not just how to spell and add, but also what selfless service looks like. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mom. Someday I hope to be a mom like her, willing to give up so much to teach the next generation what true greatness

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