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Importance Of E-Mail Marketing

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The social media has taken the world of online marketing by storm as it has changed the tenets of online marketing. However, in spite of the popularity of the social media that has emerged as a powerful marketing platform, the age-old technique of e-mail marketing still holds sway. Marketers still trust in the powers of e-mail marketing, and it is their confidence that has helped e-mail marketing survive the changes in digital marketing.
One cannot deny the importance of connecting with prospective customers and consumers in a personalized manner to leverage the marketing efforts and no other marketing tools that targeted e-mails that can perform the task most efficiently and economically.
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1. Create close connection with the audience
If you are not spamming and only sending e-mails to the targeted audience, it implies that you have their consent of reaching out to their inbox. You have earned a privilege only after they have subscribed to your idea of communicating through e-mails following which you have indulged in the activity.
It is an indication that the recipients are willing to listen to you and would perhaps be interested in maintaining the relationship. The positive vibes generated from the initial interaction creates closeness with customers who start feeling that you are thinking about them. As you are communicating to a band of committed customers, you can build upon the relationship and take forward your marketing campaign.
By using well-directed communication that the audience finds interesting and relevant, you should be able to increase customer engagement. More engagement means more loyalty from consumers that hold enough promise of making the business grow.
2. People are comfortable with e-mails
For more than four decades, e-mail has become the staple medium for communication for both personal and the business world. We have all become so familiar with using e-mails that using it for communication has now become almost child’s play both as well as
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You can use correctly worded e-mail communication to motivate consumers and give them a call to engage in business with you in the way you want. The power of e-mail is evident from the survey results that show 25% sales that happened in 2016 was the result of good e-mail marketing.
3. It is highly affordable
E-mail marketing is a boon for a small and medium business that operate on limited budgets because it practically does not cost anything to run e-mail marketing campaigns. Companies that operate on shoestring budgets consider themselves lucky that despite financial constraints they are still able to take up robust marketing campaigns by using e-mails.
The negligible cost per conversion is the reason why there has never been any lack of sponsors for this highly useful marketing tool. Companies that render services in e-mail marketing charge so low that often it would appear ridiculous to work out the cost of a single conversion.
To reap the benefits of significant return on investment, you must employ a professional marketing company to manage the campaign and take it to incredible

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