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Importance Of Human Resource Development

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Human Resource Development (HRD) fundamentally aims at refining the performance of employees through organized training, career development and thereby organizational development. It is obvious that if HRD issues are not appropriately controlled, then organization may face diminished performance and may start a slow decaying. Productivity may suffer and cultural clatters may increase. Employees may suffer low skills and low knowledge. Fascinating and retentive talent becomes difficult task for the organization. It is also right that effective results are probable only with the quality of the training provided to the employees. It is correspondingly significant to evaluate the need of the training, the nature of the training provided,
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Employees become more confident, open to change and understanding of each other. In addition, employees are encouraged to attain enhanced performance as a result of training. The benefits employees gain is personal, career oriented and job related knowledge. The accessibility of training to the employees make them dedicated for accomplishing performance and develop strong relations with the organization and stay longer in the organization.

The automobile sector is people based industry where the end product is often produced by a number of employees together delivering the end product for organization and customers. Management of labor concentrated industries face intimidating task to measure the potential inconsistency in the performance of the staff involved in the end product. Therefore the implication of suitable training activities for all business within the auto sector is of substantial position. As training & development practices have the potential to increase the service levels in the industry, organizations want to work out cost and profits of training and development.

Thus the aim of this study is to analyze the Training & Development activities within automobile sector, in Maharashtra, its evaluation and its effectiveness on employees and organizations and their performance.

6.1 Rationale of
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To examine the relationship between pre-employment training and employability of diploma engineers.
2. To explore existing scenario with reference to training modules/ methods and its effect on employability.
3. To study the existing norms/ standards and creation of employment potential in automobile cluster in Maharashtra.
4. To investigate the method of training and its effect on performance of industries in the automobile cluster in Maharashtra.
5. To assess the benefits employing the diploma engineers after their pre-employment training.
6. To evaluate the contribution of pre-employment training in enhancing the engagement level of diploma engineers.
7. To find out if there is any correlation between attitude and employability.
8. To understand if there is a correlation between the nature of the industry and employability.
9. To analyze the role of apprenticeship training as a mode of pre-employment training.
10. To study the effect of enhanced employability in career progression of diploma

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