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Importance Of International Law

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important to see its role in the society. While understanding thematic approach to international law, one should not completely link such a discipline using a commercial approach. This commercial approach is used in contemporary international law.
While understanding international law, there is a need to understand the term “world order”. According to Richard Falk, “world order is a system that consists of a behavior for security and changes identified by states, the structure of authority, conflicts, violence and international mediation”
This current order is based on the behavior of states and its people. Since behavior is concerned here, there is also what kind of life and styles are followed by the people resulting in a global evolution.
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Urbanization can also be similarly linked with the increase in population and improvement in science and technology.
There are four objectives which India aims for environment policies. Here, the author places these objectives only for India and not for other countries. But the policies used can be applied almost for every other developing country. The first objective is to attain harmony with Nature. Second is to attain knowledge of our environment. Third is to attain development. Finally fourth is to seek international cooperation.
The fourth issue is the environmental protection movement led by Indira Gandhi that created a change not only in India but also globally. Rabindranath Tagore came up with the principle of unity in diversity. This idea was applied by Indira Gandhi in her international discussions. At the United Nations, Indira Gandhi brought out interpretations of sovereignty of states. She explained it as a concept of cooperation which is the norm followed in contemporary international
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Cooperation is an important factor for international law since most of the laws taken, for instance in this case, environmental concerns will depend upon the agreements and policies considered by the countries in the global arena.
When ecology is involved with international relations, there is an important criterion that reduces the status of sovereignty and rather creates a perception that sovereignty is an essential element for bringing about harmony with nature.
The four objectives put forth by Indira Gandhi involve important principles that can be used by most of the developing countries. One such objective is the knowledge of our environment. Having knowledge of the environment can help form interactions between states for agreements on the need for ecological policies. The above sentence made alone includes all the four objectives put forth by Indira Gandhi. Therefore, it is emphasize on the fact that interaction between states is one of the most essential and crucial elements of international

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