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Importance of Kindness

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Importance of Kindness By: Adnan Siddavatam Have you ever wondered why it is important to be kind to others? To me, my kindness lets other people know they are important to me. First, our actions are an important part of how kind we are. Second, what we say to others can show how respectful and kind you are. Third, our attitude towards others can impact how we act with them if we are kind. I believe that kindness has an important role in our everyday because it can help me be a better person. Admittedly, our actions can show how kind we are. I think that my kindness towards others can be shown through random acts of kindness. For instance, when it snows outside, I can go outside and shovel people’s sidewalks and driveways without being asked. Also, helping others who are need is a great way to show kindness. For example, picture an old man who is having problems crossing the street. I can take the liberty of helping him out because it is the kind thing to do. Another way to demonstrate kindness through my actions is by volunteering for good causes. By giving my time, I show that other people are important to me. Overall, our actions can show the kindness we have in our hearts.
Obviously, what we say to other people is a big part of kindness. Great way to show kindness to others and how important they are to you, is by using words like that are polite. For example, saying words like “please” and “thank you,” this is a great way to show kindness towards others. I can show kindness towards others by giving them compliments or encouraging them. Saying things like “good job” or “well done” are great ways to show you care about other people and they are important to you. Also, I can make sure new friends know how kind I am too. I can do so by making sure I use words that make them feel comfortable and at ease with me. To conclude, using kind words is of major importance because I can be seen as a respectful and kind person.
Unquestionably, out positive attitude towards others is a very important part of kindness. Being happy is an excellent attitude to have because it shows that I am positive and kind when I interact with others. To me, being optimistic and supportive are a great way to show kindness. Also, I can show my positive and kind attitude by smiling when I am with others. I think that when I smile, other people know that they are important to me. In addition, it is critical to treat others the same way as you want to be treated. If you have a positive attitude towards others, people will treat you the same way. Above all else, my kind and positive attitude lets others know that they are important in our lives. All in all, kindness towards others is very important in our day to day lives. My actions allow others to see how kind I can be. My words are also a good way to let others know that I am a kind and caring person. Of course, having a positive attitude lets people smile. For these reasons, kindness towards others is very important because I want to be the best person I can possibly be and being kind is the best choice I can make.

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