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Importance Of Love In My Life

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I love everybody who loves me but there are a lot of frends In the world who are just fake. And I went to middle school at meadow park middle school for 6 & 7and half. Didn't like stoller because I missed my friends but guess what?
All my friends didn't like me just because of my personality they decided to move on there life’s and I said oh NO my friends were just lying at me all the time my heart was Broken because I was with them for 2 years and that made me mad upset, sad and angry. 11/13/17 My friend said I'm sorry About what I did I said is OK because next time we have to know who’s a good friend and who’s a fake friend's but I hope that will never happen in my life again. Do you know why? When we were in sixth grade but in
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I just loved hanging out with Himari she was a sweet girl and very nice until that time and until today because I still like her as mna sister and is ture that were not at the same school and don't hang out her birthday on 23 which is thanksgiving. And that makes me more thankful for her and that makes me love her just as a sister no matter what she did to me or how much she hates me I never hated her but maybe she does but from my heart I love her I never hated her she was so sweet and nice and calm and never said no. She just said yes ok why not and these are the 5 reason that makes me love her as a sister and I ḿ so happy for her to go Los Angeles for a week Japan 2 weeks can't wait until she comes back and me and Saki my another friend and Himari might decide and a day that we are all not busy so we can go and have fun …show more content…
And the college I want to go to is OSU and I hope I go there. I might be going to iraq when my sister’s finish high school because we come to the usa just for my mom and my sister get’s her surgery we're going back I don't know why my dad wants us to go back but I'm mad because I want to stay in the usa instead of go back to iraq all my cousins and uncle’s live in the usa but my aunt's all live in the usa and my mom miss them and I hope I will come back when I grow up and finish but I hope that I come back to the USA when I'm finished and be docter I actually have to go to kuwait because there are a lot of people need help and I want to help them but before I start I will come to the usa one thing usa has made my life better then it was in iraq in school if you fall you will not pass to the next grade and you have to pass before you can go to the next grad and that’s going to be hard because I'm going to iraq when I'm in freshman year and I don't know arabic so that's going to be so hard for me to learn I might go to private English high school and maybe all my brother’s and sister’s are going there because none of us know how to write an Arabic or read but my older sister knows arabic better than all of us and there is one thing is that I’m scared of I forget English but I will practice every day when I'm at my house in Iraq and my dad is looking for a house in iraq for us to

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