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Importance Of Marriage In Marriage

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1. Introduction In this chapter, we shall see how the oracle of prophet Hosea is relevant in the context of marriage today. The story of Hosea’s marital and family experiences is remarkable for the insights it offers concerning the biblical message as a whole. It demonstrates the supremacy of love over law. In this chapter therefore, we shall see how law and love overlap in marriage; this will then be followed by an analysis of eros and agape in the light of Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical, Deus Caritas Est. The basis of the legal maxim “neccesitas non habetlegem” will then be established by looking at the centrality of love in marriage; modelled in the life of the Trinity.
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Are the two incompatible? Should there be a conflict between the law and love in marriage? Our discussion will therefore proceed from St. Thomas’ working definition of law. The angelic doctor defined law as an ordinance of reason, a rule and measure of acts, whereby man is induced to act or is restrained from acting, ordained for the common good, (human happiness), made by a competent authority, and finally promulgated, (written and all are aware of it). If we can only comprehend the emphasis laid on the happiness, evidenced in the definition, as the ultimate end of human beings as regard to law, then we will come to the realization that love and law are compatible and not necessarily at opposition. Law and love should thus co-exist harmoniously without one or the other being applied …show more content…
To live out the Pharisaic ideal was not easy so, many Pharisees of stricter observance joined in associations which had stringent rules of admission to support each other and make it easier for them to live up to their high ideals, especially in the area of observing the purity code and the dietary laws. Wanting ritual purity for the eating of ordinary meals, they established a closed table-fellowship. Separated off from everyone not faithful to the Law and the traditions especially Gentiles, unclean persons, sinners and non-observant Jews, they formed closed communities, aspiring to be the true faithful remnant of

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