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In 1990, a new concept was created by Microsoft Corporation to merge different software applications into a suite package allowing users to navigate and share resources between applications. Microsoft Office Suite 3.1 was introduced, tested and released for certain government offices. In 1997, Microsoft produced its first official suite office application package Microsoft Office Suite 97 for the public, which literally changed the way desktop applications were used in a business or home environment.

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Suite Features * The basic MS Office suite package has the following applications: MS Word (Word Processing), MS Excel (Spreadsheet and Accounting), MS PowerPoint (Presentations), MS Access (Database Creation and Management and MS Front Page (Web Development). These applications are marketed for home use, professional use (small business) and enterprise use (for workgroups larger than 15 people). Microsoft's strategy, which is an important aspect of using these integrated suite packages, was to make the basic menu systems look the same so users can be comfortable when using different applications. Familiarity with the menu systems gained more users.
Integrated Concept * An important factor of MS Office Suite is the integration of software applications in the suite package, but yet allows each software program to keep its own identity. For example, Mail Merge can be performed with MS Word, but it captures information from the mail file in Microsoft Outlook to create a mail out or bin label sheet. You can take a spreadsheet a place it into MS Word or integrate an Excel chart inside a PowerPoint slide.
Workgroup Management * Sometimes, six or eight people must work on a project at the same time. MS Office Suite package...

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