Importance of Music in Society

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“A well-rounded education is simply too vital to our students’ success to let the teaching of the arts and humanities erode.”
-Secretary Duncan
When thinking about the arts, including that of performing arts and music, we tend to glide over the subjects, and term it as a good “hobby,” and not something that can shape and mold a person into someone the community can benefit off of. Many have found these arts to be therapeutic, and a good way to escape from the temptations of doing wrong. In turn, the community itself has had an advantage. The streets are clear from loitering, theft, vandalism etc, and now are looking at a better community in which the individuals, who make up part of it, are actively trying to improve the community and not to harm it. The individual themselves, has become more aware of themselves and of those around them. They have become more appreciative of the arts, and understand different subjects better than individuals who have not been exposed to the arts.
Art as it is now is still as beautiful as it was back in the renaissance time period. The only thing that has changed is the importance of it. It is also the first thing one may think of when referring to the “arts.” Although there are many different forms of art, the visual drawing is just as important as the different branches. Art has the ability through different Medias, but as murals especially to tell someone who is not familiar with the area, what the culture is. It gives a great representation of what that community is all about. (Tatiana, 2011)
Another great example of Art bringing a community together would be in New York, after hurricane Sandy. When certain towns were washed out by the heavy rains, people came together to paint murals for New York, in the certain towns, including Chelsea. (Robin, 2012) After this…...