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Importance of Pharmacology

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Palliative care nursing works with individuals and families facing a life limiting illness. They will cover many areas, work at many levels and have many different responsibilities. Palliative care nurses work within the interdisciplinary team, but will often coordinate care in consultation with clients, their carers and other team members.
Staff in palliative care has been found to have increased stress when mechanisms such as social support, involvement in work and decision-making, and a realistic work-load are not available. The stress that exists in palliative care is due in large measure to organizational and societal issues, although personal variables were also found to have an influence. Staff stress and burnout in palliative care has been demonstrated to be less than in professionals in many other settings. However, other studies have noted suicidal ideation, increased alcohol and drug usage, anxiety, depression, and difficulty in dealing with issues of death and dying.
The increasing gap between what we value and what we do as a result of health care reforms, such as mainstreaming and increased economic pressures, increases the potential dissonance between our capacity to deliver care according to our core values and the reality of our practice world, a dissonance that is difficult to fight against while the tyranny of niceness is operant. The value of being nice or good is lived out in palliative care through the central value of the good death and understanding the challenges to our ability to deliver the good death is critical to understanding stress in palliative care nursing.

Dissonance between the values of palliative care and the values of society and social reactions to what palliative care nurses and the work environment in palliative care is becoming increasingly mainstreamed, adding new pressures of workload that threaten the provision of...

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