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Importance Of Reflection In Research

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The ability to research a topic thoroughly and correctly is a very beneficial skill. It gives people the ability to develop a deep understanding of the topic and the skills to display that information in a way that is clear and concise. The need for strong researching and communication skills in college is critical to being able to pass certain courses. In this class, I have learned how to go more in depth into my research and how to effectively work with a group to get the required objectives met. Being in a group takes the work load and divides it up into more manageable tasks for everyone to complete. If each member of the group completes the assigned work and communicates effectively, then the common goal is achieved better than it would if a single individual took on the entire workload. In this class, I have learned a plethora of different skills related to research …show more content…
The class was very beneficial to learn more about mythology than I already knew. Also, how all mythologies are pretty much related in the sense of that they follow Joseph Campbell's idea of "The Hero's Journey." It was neat to me to compare and contrast different mythologies to find parallels in how each one follows the same steps in the Hero's Journey. From completing the group project, I learned the importance of strong communication and how everyone benefits when each member does what they are assigned to do. With strong communication, ideas and plans can be talked out and thought through before they get taken out of control or before there is miscommunication on what is going to happen progressing forward. This project has shown me how smoothly things can go in the event of everyone doing the tasks that they are assigned. Projects can progress a lot faster with a better quality if everyone takes pride and responsibility in what they

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